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Wind Energy and Wind Power Calculator

Use this Flash Player animated Wind Power Calculator to create your own virtual wind farm. Learn about the inside of a Wind Turbine, how it generates power and ultimately calculate the amount of power you can produce on your own wind farm.

Click on the 'What Is Inside?' button to start the Power Calculator Animation to experience, learn, and see the substantial differences which altitude, rotor diameter, tower height, or the size of the generator can make on the yearly electricity output of your future wind turbine project.

Flash animation (not supported by Apple iOS devices) created by EWEA, courtesy of WindEurope 

We at MWPS World know the answers to your questions when it comes to purchasing a wind turbine system for your land to generate some extra cash for you from the freely available wind. For this, it is vital to have a good understanding of all factors coming together which have a detrimental influence on the success or failure of your project and most likely a very expensive and costly lesson to be learned if your home worked was not thoroughly done before spending your hard earned cash. This is where this animated wind power calculator comes handy and we hope that its simple layout and explanations in lay men's terms will give you a good insight and understanding what to look out for before even applying for a planning permission.

We know your typical Your questions are:

  • How do wind turbines work?
  • Will I have to change the wiring of my house?
  • Will I save money?
  • Will I make money?
  • What about towers?
  • How much does a wind turbine cost?
  • What size wind turbine would I need?
  • How reliable are wind turbines?
  • How reliable are wind turbines?
  • Will it help the environment?
  • Do I have to take wind measurements for a year or more?
  • What are the companies who sell wind turbines?
  • Will my utility allow me to connect a wind power system?
  • Will I have problems obtaining planning permissions?

To learn more, see our special article 'How To Buy A Wind Turbine'


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