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Quality Used Wind Turbines - Second Hand Wind Turbines

MWPS World is the 'The Leading Global Marketplace' for Used Wind Turbines and your Premium Broker and Supplier of Quality… Read More


VESTAS V66 Used Wind Turbines For Sale

32 units of VESTAS V66 - 1.65MW & 1.75MW Vestas V66 Wind Turbines For Sale   20 x Vestas V66 - 1.65MW (50Hz)… Read More


ENERCON E66 – 18.70 Used Wind Turbines Sale

  6 units of Enercon E66 Wind Turbine For Sale - Top Condition Early Inspection Recommended     TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Turbine… Read More


VESTAS V47 Used Wind Turbines For Sale

2 x Vestas V47 - 660kW For Sale  Immediately available are two Vestas V47 - 660kW at a bargain price. … Read More


TACKE TW-600kW Used Wind Turbines Sale

2 used Wind Turbines in Good Condition  TACKE TW-600  SOLD     Tacke TW-600 Rated Power: 600 kW Steel tower… Read More


BONUS 1000 - 1MW Used Wind Turbines Sale

2 x BONUS 1 MW Wind Turbines SOLD   Technical Description: Rated power: 1.000 kW Rated wind speed: 15,0 m/s m/s Cut-in… Read More


LAGERWEY LW52/750 Used Wind Turbines Sale

8 x Used Wind Turbines For Sale LAGERWEY LW52-750      Lagerwey LW52/750 750kW - (50Hz)   Available - Q2/2016 -… Read More


KENETECH KVS-33 360kW - Used Wind Turbines

90 Units of Used Kenetech KVS 33 (60Hz) Wind Turbines Immediately Available Now!     Kenetech KVS-33  Rated output: 300kw… Read More