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Country Representatives for the APAC, EMEA and LAR regions

MWPS World Careers will provide you with the latest globally available used, second hand or refurbished wind turbines for you to promote locally in your country in return for a share of the sales commission earned at the close of a transaction. Start earning high value $ based commissions now.

Our experienced and dedicated sales manager will support you with professional and expert advice throughout the follow-up of each sale lead and will also provide you with premium promotional and marketing materials to equip you with all the necessary tools to market and successfully sell used, second hand or refurbished wind turbines in your local region.

You will be expected to identify sales leads locally in your country or region for the introduction to MWPS as well as being willing to represent MWPS at client inspections in your country or region on leads which were generated by the MWPS sales team located in the UK. Authorized Country Representatives will earn commissions from both your own generated leads as well on leads which were generated by the MWPS sales team and on which local representation services were provided by you. Please note that all commission-based earnings are subject to a successful close of a transaction.

Only one Country Representative will be authorized for each country to represent and market MWPS brokerage products for sale in your country. Authorized Representatives will benefit from our strong branding and worldwide web visibility and we will provide accepted and authorized country representatives with a personal 'MWPS' email address as well as providing you with exclusive access to our extensive Online merchandise and Marketing Materials.

As an authorized country representative, you will benefit from being able to start up your own 'new' business with the help of an already established and globally high ranking web portal who has through years of professional SEO work established itself as an authority in the worldwide renewable energy sector.

A generous share of earned commissions is available. No startup capital required. MWPS will ensure only one country representative in one country/region. Candidates should have some business experience in the sale and marketing of renewable energy and wind turbine equipment or other related fields. Successful candidates must be at ease with contemporary IT technology and the ability to communicate during travel or being on the move.

For more information about our 'Authorized Country Representation' Scheme, please fill and submit the online application form below, honestly and to the best of your knowledge.

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