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Brazil Should Add More Wind Power to Hydro Power

There can be no doubt that Brazil has done a great job in moving away from those contaminating fossil fuels.  As an example, in 2009 Brazil produced an astonishing 85% of its electricity from renewable resources. Very few other large countries can match that; neighbouring Argentina only produces just over a quarter of its electricity […]

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Spotlight on Gamesa

It was back in 1994 that Gamesa commenced the engineering, design, manufacturing and sale of wind turbines. Two years later saw  the start-up of the development, construction and sale of wind farms in Aragon with the La Plana III wind farm development. They also managed the El Perdón wind farm, located in Navarre, Spain, using 15 G39-500 […]

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Wind Turbine Spare Parts Suppliers - Windmill Parts

List of Wind Turbine Spare Parts Suppliers, Windmill Parts, Spares and Windmill blades suppliers. Having trouble with your windmill or your residential ‘home made’ wind turbine?  This article gives you a list of windmill parts, windmill blades, manufacturers and suppliers as well as an overview of the most common parts of a Wind Turbine Assembly. […]

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Vestas V164 Offshore Wind Turbine Launched by Vestas

Introducing the Vestas V164 - 7.0 MW Its Big - Its Massive - Its Gigantic Lowering the cost of energy offshore is Vestas' statement This offshore turbine has been designed with two guiding principles in mind: firstly, this new generation of offshore turbines is intended to require as little maintenance as possible. Secondly, when servicing is required, […]

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