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VESTAS Spare Parts – Discounted

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Large Discounts on many original genuine Vestas O&M Parts.

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SPECIAL OFFERS Vestas Spare Parts

We deliver you high-quality, thoroughly tested, original ‘Vestas’ parts and consumables at a competitive price. Whether you order original or non-original parts, we guarantee you products which always live up to the Vestas Approved Quality Standard.

Pos.Turbine ModelPart NumberDescriptionAssembly / IntegrationPublished PriceDiscount PricePart StatusWarranty
1V16115410RENYAW GEAR V16/V17, BJV16 & V17€ 2,545.90€1,210.00DiscontinuedNo
2V17115410RENYAW GEAR V16/V17, BJV16 & V17€ 2,545.90€ 1,210.00DiscontinuedNo
3V25115410RENYAW GEAR V25V25€ 3,186.11€ 1,795.00DiscontinuedNo
4V27194314PROP. VALVE KFDG4-3-2C13N-Z-VV27€ 1,076.30€ 846.00DiscontinuedNo
5V2751321802CT3218 COUNTERV27 and others€ 543.56€ 441.00Active12 month
6V2751321802CT3218 COUNTERV27 and others€ 543.56€ 441.00Active12 month
7V27194314RENPROP. VALVE KFDG4-3-2C13N-Z-VV27€ 861.04€ 758.00DiscontinuedNo
8Various747350RETRO THYRIS CONTR. 300KW-690VCT303 & CT3251€ 3,792.96€ 2,400.00DiscontinuedNo
9Various51321802CT3218 COUNTERAll Vestas V27 to V90€ 543.56€ 441.00Active12 month
10Various51213002RENCT2130 SERIAL INTERFACErefer col. 2€ 499.56€ 474.58Active12 month

Delivery: EXW UK – Shipping not included
Note: All Vestas Spare Parts ending with part number ‘REN’ are renovated/reconditioned parts
* Special discount offers for Vestas Spare Parts valid only on selected parts, specific periods and subject to availability.
* All Prices if shown are for one single unit – excl. VAT and in € EUR currency if not indicated otherwise

Discounted Vestas Spare Parts


The Vestas Mission

“Most of all, high quality and fast repairs are critical to your turbines’ performance. With Vestas as a service partner, you can be confident that your turbine will be back in an optimal operating mode as fast as possible after any repair solution. This is the reason why we are offering a wide and cost-effective range of valuable solutions because we want to ensure that your business operates smoothly. Vestas strives to deliver a unique, stand-alone repair solution for every customer, which we design to benefit all our non-contract customers and ISPs. Because our repair solutions are based on extensive field experience, quality, innovation, and timely execution, enable you to save both time and money. We are continuously developing multi-brand solutions, and currently offer inspections, cosmetic repairs, and leading and trailing edge repair solutions for Nordex, Suzlon, GE and Gamesa turbines.”

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