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All Cotas Module, Spare Parts and Cotas accessory consumables are supplied at very competitive prices. Whether you order original or non-original parts, we guarantee products which always live up to the Vestas Approved Quality Standard for Cotas CT Control Module.

Cotas CT Module

Vestas Cotas CT Modules Spare-Parts-List-2018

Pos.DescriptionVestas Part NumberTurbine ModelDiscount Price
1CT236 SERIAL ADAPTER 9 POL51023602NM72Subject to qty
2CT1118 DC PNP INP. REL2.651111804RENV27Subject to qty
3CT1133, DC PNP INPUT"51113301RENV27Subject to qty
4CT1153, DC PNP OUTPUT"51115301RENV27Subject to qty
5CT206 MEASURE TRANSFORMER BOX51020604RENV27Subject to qty
6CT2115, POWER FOR TOP"51211501RENV27Subject to qty
7CT2123, THYRISTOR TRIGGER"51212302RENV27Subject to qty
8CT2128, ANALOG INP. (NET)"51212803RENV27Subject to qty
9CT2129, ANA.INP. (PITCH)"51212906RENV27Subject to qty
10CT2130 SERIAL INTERFACE51213002RENV27€ 474.58
11CT2132.02 ANALOG OUTPUT51213202RENV27Subject to qty
12CT217 WATCHDOG51021703V27Subject to qty
13CT3218 COUNTER51321802V27€ 441.00
14CT3218 COUNTER51321802RENV27Subject to qty
15CT3357 INTERNAL POWER SUPPLY51335701V27Subject to qty
16CT3218 COUNTER51321802V29€ 441.00
17CT1118 DC PNP INP. REL2.651111804RENV39Subject to qty
18CT1133, DC PNP INPUT"51113301RENV39Subject to qty
19CT1153, DC PNP OUTPUT"51115301RENV39Subject to qty
20CT2115, POWER FOR TOP"51211501RENV39Subject to qty
21CT2123, THYRISTOR TRIGGER"51212302RENV39Subject to qty
22CT2128, ANALOG INP. (NET)"51212803RENV39Subject to qty
23CT2129, ANA.INP. (PITCH)"51212906RENV39Subject to qty
24CT2132.02 ANALOG OUTPUT51213202RENV39Subject to qty
25CT217 WATCHDOG51021703V39Subject to qty
26CT3218 COUNTER51321802V39€ 441.00
27CT3357 INTERNAL POWER SUPPLY51335701V39Subject to qty
28CT2128, ANALOG INP. (NET)"51212803RENV42Subject to qty
29CT217 WATCHDOG51021703V42Subject to qty
30CT247 OPTICAL/RS232 INTERFACE51024701V42Subject to qty
31CT3218 COUNTER51321802V42€ 441.00
32CT3218 COUNTER51321802RENV42Subject to qty
33CT3220 ANALOG INPUT FFFF51322022V42Subject to qty
34CT3220 ANALOG INPUT FFFF51322022RENV42Subject to qty
35CT3220 ANALOG INPUT G51322028V42Subject to qty
36CT3220 ANALOG INPUT NO PIGGYB51322002V42Subject to qty
37CT3220 G---, INPUT 4-24MA"51322028RENV42Subject to qty
38CT3357 INTERNAL POWER SUPPLY51335701V42Subject to qty
39CT3357 INTERNAL POWER SUPPLY51335701RENV42Subject to qty
40CT3409 RACK UNIT51340901V42Subject to qty
41CT 3220 ANALOG INPUT NO PIGGYB51322002V44Subject to qty
42CT206 MEASURE TRANSFORMER BOX51020604RENV44Subject to qty
43CT217 WATCHDOG51021703V44Subject to qty
44CT247 OPTICAL/RS232 INTERFACE51024701V44Subject to qty
45CT3211 FIBR OPTIC PORT51321103RENV44Subject to qty
46CT3211 FIBRE OPTIC PORT51321103V44Subject to qty
47CT3218 COUNTER51321802V44€ 441.00
48CT3218 COUNTER51321802RENV44Subject to qty
49CT3220 ANALOG INPUT FFFF51322022V44Subject to qty
50CT3220 ANALOG INPUT FFFF51322022RENV44Subject to qty
51CT3220 ANALOG INPUT G51322028V44Subject to qty
52CT3220 G---, INPUT 4-24MA"5132202928RENV44Subject to qty
53CT328 VAS/RC51032801V44Subject to qty
54CT3354 INTERNAL POWER SUPPLY51335401V44Subject to qty
55CT3357 INTERNAL POWER SUPPLY51335701V44Subject to qty
56CT3363 EXTERNAL POWER SUPPLY51336301V44Subject to qty
57CT3409 RACK UNIT51340901V44Subject to qty
58CT3601 PROCESSOR25136010V44Subject to qty
59CT3601 PROCESSOR51360102RENV44Subject to qty
60CT 293 VTI51029302V47Subject to qty
61CT 318 VCS-VCP MEGA WATT ST LL51030902RENV47Subject to qty
62CT 3211 01 FIBR OPTIC PORT51321102RENV47Subject to qty
63CT2128, ANALOG INP. (NET)"51212803RENV47Subject to qty
64CT2132.02 ANALOG OUTPUT51213202RENV47Subject to qty
65CT217 WATCHDOG51021703V47Subject to qty
66CT236 SERIAL ADAPTER 9 POL51023602V47Subject to qty
67CT247 OPTICAL/RS232 INTERFACE51024701V47Subject to qty
68CT297 OVP VCS51029703V47Subject to qty
69CT309 OVP VRCC MW51030806V47Subject to qty
70CT3153 DC OUTPUT EXT.SUPPLY51315303V47Subject to qty
71CT3211 FIBR OPTIC PORT51321103RENV47Subject to qty
72CT3211 FIBRE OPTIC PORT51321103V47Subject to qty
73CT3212 RS232 PORT51321202V47Subject to qty
74CT3218 COUNTER51321802V47€ 441.00
75CT3218 COUNTER51321802RENV47Subject to qty
76CT3220 ANALOG INPUT FFFF51322022V47Subject to qty
77CT3220 ANALOG INPUT FFFF51322022RENV47Subject to qty
78CT3220 ANALOG INPUT G51322028V47Subject to qty
79CT3220 ANALOG INPUT GFFC51322023RENV47Subject to qty
80CT3220 ANALOG INPUT GFFF51322024V47Subject to qty
81CT3220 ANALOG INPUT NO PIGGYB51322002V47Subject to qty
82CT3220 G---, INPUT 4-24MA"51322028RENV47Subject to qty
83CT3234 ANALOG OUTPUT -10/+10V51323401V47Subject to qty
84CT3234 ANALOG OUTPUT -10/+10V51323401RENV47Subject to qty
85CT326 VAS/RC51032601V47Subject to qty
86CT3354 INTERNAL POWER SUPPLY51335401RENV47Subject to qty
87CT3357 INTERNAL POWER SUPPLY51335701V47Subject to qty
88CT3357 INTERNAL POWER SUPPLY51335701RENV47Subject to qty
89CT3409 RACK UNIT51340901V47Subject to qty
90CT379 VOG 251037901V47Subject to qty
91CT3218 COUNTER51321802V52€ 441.00
92CT 3614 ARCNET/OPTICAL+RS-42251361404V66Subject to qty
93CT217 WATCHDOG51021703V66Subject to qty
94CT236 SERIAL ADAPTER 9 POL51023602V66Subject to qty
95CT245 ARCNET TERM MALE PLUG51024501V66Subject to qty
96CT247 OPTICAL/RS232 INTERFACE51024701V66Subject to qty
97CT247 OPTICAL/RS232 INTERFACE51024701RENV66Subject to qty
98CT291 INTEGRATED TERMINAL SMA51029101RENV66Subject to qty
99CT291 INTEGRATED TERMINAL ST51029107RENV66Subject to qty
100CT303 THYRISTOR DRIVER51030301V66Subject to qty
101CT303 THYRISTOR DRIVER51030301RENV66Subject to qty
102CT3153 DC OUTPUT EXT.SUPPLY51315303V66Subject to qty
103CT3211 FIBR OPTIC PORT51321103RENV66Subject to qty
104CT3211 FIBRE OPTIC PORT51321103V66Subject to qty
105CT3212 RS232 PORT51321202V66Subject to qty
106CT3215 RS422/RS485 PORT51321502V66Subject to qty
107CT3218 COUNTER51321802V66€ 441.00
108CT3218 COUNTER51321802RENV66Subject to qty
109CT3220 ANALOG INPUT BBFF51322020V66Subject to qty
110CT3220 ANALOG INPUT BBFF51322020RENV66Subject to qty
111CT3220 ANALOG INPUT FFFC51322027V66Subject to qty
112CT3220 ANALOG INPUT FFFF51322022V66Subject to qty
113CT3220 ANALOG INPUT FFFF51322022RENV66Subject to qty
114CT3220 ANALOG INPUT GFFC51322023V66Subject to qty
115CT3220 ANALOG INPUT GFFC51322023RENV66Subject to qty
116CT3220 ANALOG INPUT GFFF51322024V66Subject to qty
117CT3220 ANALOG INPUT HFFC51322025V66Subject to qty
118CT3220 ANALOG INPUT NO PIGGYB51322002V66Subject to qty
119CT3220 IN.4-20M+10V+PT10051322024RENV66Subject to qty
120CT3234 ANALOG OUTPUT -10/+10V51323401V66Subject to qty
121CT3234 ANALOG OUTPUT -10/+10V51323401RENV66Subject to qty
122CT3252 ARCNET INTERFACE51325203V66Subject to qty
123CT3252 ARCNET INTERFACE51325203RENV66Subject to qty
124CT326 VAS/RC51032601V66Subject to qty
125CT328 VAS/RC51032801V66Subject to qty
126CT335 VCS-TRU PRINT 1000V51033501V66Subject to qty
127CT3354 INTERNAL POWER SUPPLY51335401V66Subject to qty
128CT3354 INTERNAL POWER SUPPLY51335401RENV66Subject to qty
129CT3357 INTERNAL POWER SUPPLY51335701V66Subject to qty
130CT3363 EXTERNAL POWER SUPPLY51336301V66Subject to qty
131CT3363 EXTERNAL POWER SUPPLY51336301RENV66Subject to qty
132CT3409 RACK UNIT51340901V66Subject to qty
133CT3513 ARCNET MODULE51351301V66Subject to qty
134CT3513 ARCNET/CU51351301RENV66Subject to qty
135CT354 OPTICAL BLADE SENSOR51035401V66Subject to qty
136CT3601 PROCESSOR51360102V66Subject to qty
137CT3601 PROCESSOR51360102RENV66Subject to qty
138CT3613 ARCNET/TWISTED PAIR51361303V66Subject to qty
139CT3613 ARCNET/TWISTED PAIR51361303RENV66Subject to qty
140CT3614 ARCNET/OPTIC RS42251361403V66Subject to qty
141CT383 AGO2 GATE DRIVER51038303V66Subject to qty
142CT6251 MEDIA CONV ARCNET ST51625101V66Subject to qty
143CT 296 Integrated Terminal51029601V80Subject to qty
144CT 308 PROCESSOR VRCC MW51030806RENV80Subject to qty
145CT 316 VCMP51031609V80Subject to qty
146CT 318 VCS-VCP MEGA WATT ST LL51030902RENV80Subject to qty
147CT 360 VPC POWER CONTR.51036001RENV80Subject to qty
148CT 3614 ARCNET/OPTICAL+RS-42251361404V80Subject to qty
149CT 396 INTEGRATED TERMINAL ST51039601V80Subject to qty
150CT 6040/CT 354 - CT 6050/CT384880559V80Subject to qty
151CT2112 RS 232 PORT51211201V80Subject to qty
152CT217 WATCHDOG51021703V80Subject to qty
153CT236 SERIAL ADAPTER 9 POL51023602V80Subject to qty
154CT245 ARCNET TERM MALE PLUG51024501V80Subject to qty
155CT247 OPTICAL/RS232 INTERFACE51024701V80Subject to qty
156CT291 INTEGRATED TERMINAL SMA51029101RENV80Subject to qty
157CT291 INTEGRATED TERMINAL ST51029107V80Subject to qty
158CT297 OVP VCS51029703V80Subject to qty
159CT297 OVP VCS51029705V80Subject to qty
160CT304 LIGHTNING DETECTOR51030404V80Subject to qty
161CT308 PROCESSOR VRCC MW51030805RENV80Subject to qty
162CT309 OVP VRCC MW51030806V80Subject to qty
163CT309 OVP VRCC MW51030902V80Subject to qty
164CT3153 DC OUTPUT EXT.SUPPLY51315303V80Subject to qty
165CT3211 FIBRE OPTIC PORT51321103V80Subject to qty
166CT3215 RS422/RS485 PORT51321502V80Subject to qty
167CT3215 RS422/RS485 PORT51321502RENV80Subject to qty
168CT3218 COUNTER51321802V80€ 441.00
169CT3218 COUNTER51321802RENV80Subject to qty
170CT3220 ANALOG INPUT BBFF51322020V80Subject to qty
171CT3220 ANALOG INPUT BBFF51322020RENV80Subject to qty
172CT3220 ANALOG INPUT CCFF51322021V80Subject to qty
173CT3220 ANALOG INPUT FFFC51322027V80Subject to qty
174CT3220 ANALOG INPUT FFFF51322022V80Subject to qty
175CT3220 ANALOG INPUT FFFF51322022RENV80Subject to qty
176CT3220 ANALOG INPUT GFFC51322023V80Subject to qty
177CT3220 ANALOG INPUT GFFC51322023RENV80Subject to qty
178CT3220 ANALOG INPUT GFFF51322024V80Subject to qty
179CT3220 ANALOG INPUT HFFC51322025V80Subject to qty
180CT3220 ANALOG INPUT NO PIGGYB51322002V80Subject to qty
181CT3220 G---, INPUT 4-24MA"51322028RENV80Subject to qty
182CT3220 IN.4-20M+10V+PT10051322024RENV80Subject to qty
183CT3222 LIGHTNING DETECT INTF51322203V80Subject to qty
184CT3234 ANALOG OUTPUT -10/+10V51323401V80Subject to qty
185CT3234 ANALOG OUTPUT -10/+10V51323401RENV80Subject to qty
186CT3252 ARCNET INTERFACE51325203V80Subject to qty
187CT3252 ARCNET INTERFACE51325203RENV80Subject to qty
188CT3253 VCM51325301V80Subject to qty
189CT326 VAS/RC51032601V80Subject to qty
190CT328 VAS/RC51032801V80Subject to qty
191CT333 MONT EMC FILTER 1000V51033301V80Subject to qty
192CT3354 INTERNAL POWER SUPPLY51335401V80Subject to qty
193CT3354 INTERNAL POWER SUPPLY51335401RENV80Subject to qty
194CT3357 INTERNAL POWER SUPPLY51335701V80Subject to qty
195CT3357 INTERNAL POWER SUPPLY51335701RENV80Subject to qty
196CT3363 EXTERNAL POWER SUPPLY51336301V80Subject to qty
197CT3363 EXTERNAL POWER SUPPLY51336301RENV80Subject to qty
198CT3409 RACK UNIT51340901V80Subject to qty
199CT3513 ARCNET MODULE51351301V80Subject to qty
200CT3513 ARCNET/CU51351301RENV80Subject to qty
201CT360 VPC POWER CONTROLLER51036001V80Subject to qty
202CT3601 PROCESSOR51360102V80Subject to qty
203CT3601 PROCESSOR51360102RENV80Subject to qty
204CT3603 PROCESSOR POWERPC CAN51360301V80Subject to qty
205CT3613 ARCNET/TWISTED PAIR51361303V80Subject to qty
206CT3613 ARCNET/TWISTED PAIR51361303RENV80Subject to qty
207CT3614 ARCNET/OPTIC RS42251361403V80Subject to qty
208CT3614 ARCNET/OPTIC RS42251361403RENV80Subject to qty
209CT379 VOG 251037901V80Subject to qty
210CT383 AGO2 GATE DRIVER51038303V80Subject to qty
211CT420 FLEXPOWER VPC ADAPTER51042001V80Subject to qty
212CT6220 ANALOG INPUT 0-24mA51622003V80Subject to qty
213CT6220 ANALOG INPUT 0-24mA51622005V80Subject to qty
214CT6221 PT100 INTERFACE51622104V80Subject to qty
215CT6244 TERMINAL51624401V80Subject to qty
216CT6251 MEDIA CONV ARCNET ST51625101V80Subject to qty
217CT6255 MEDIA CONV ARCNET ST51625502V80Subject to qty
218CT6256 MEDIA CONV ARCNET ST51625602V80Subject to qty
219CT244 ARCNET OPTO CONVERTER51024409V82Subject to qty
220CT245 ARCNET TERM MALE PLUG51024501V82Subject to qty
221CT3218 COUNTER51321802V82€ 441.00
222CT3220 ANALOG INPUT GFFC51322023V82Subject to qty
223CT333 MONT EMC FILTER 1000V51033301V82Subject to qty
224CT335 VCS-TRU PRINT 1000V51033501V82Subject to qty
225CT3409 RACK UNIT51340901V82Subject to qty
226CT3603 PROCESSOR POWERPC CAN51360301V82Subject to qty
227CT6001 PROCESSOR WITH FAN51600104V82Subject to qty
228CT6154 24VDC 1A OUTPUT51615402V82Subject to qty
229CT6215 RS422/RS485 INTERFACE51621504V82Subject to qty
230CT6220 ANALOG INPUT 0-24mA51622005V82Subject to qty
231CT6221 PT100 INTERFACE51622104V82Subject to qty
232CT6244 TERMINAL51624401V82Subject to qty
233CT 316 VCMP51031609V90Subject to qty
234CT 360 VPC POWER CONTR.51036001RENV90Subject to qty
235CT 3614 ARCNET/OPTICAL+RS-42251361404V90Subject to qty
236CT 396 INTEGRATED TERMINAL ST51039601V90Subject to qty
237CT 6040/CT 354 - CT 6050/CT384880559V90Subject to qty
238CT 6154 24VDC 1A OUTPUT51615402RENV90Subject to qty
239CT 6220 ANALOGUE 0-24MA INPUTS095892V90Subject to qty
240CT1133, DC PNP INPUT"114877V90Subject to qty
241CT1133, DC PNP INPUT"1151001V90Subject to qty
242CT1153, DC PNP OUTPUT"114855V90Subject to qty
243CT1153, DC PNP OUTPUT"115000V90Subject to qty
244CT2115, POWER FOR TOP"114824V90Subject to qty
245CT2115, POWER FOR TOP"114954V90Subject to qty
246CT2123, THYRISTOR TRIGGER"114820V90Subject to qty
247CT2123, THYRISTOR TRIGGER"114951V90Subject to qty
248CT2128, ANALOG INP. (NET)"114707V90Subject to qty
249CT2128, ANALOG INP. (NET)"114722V90Subject to qty
250CT2128, ANALOG INP. (NET)"114738V90Subject to qty
251CT2128, ANALOG INP. (NET)"114943V90Subject to qty
252CT2129, ANA.INP. (PITCH)"114728V90Subject to qty
253CT2129, ANA.INP. (PITCH)"114942V90Subject to qty
254CT217 WATCHDOG51021703V90Subject to qty
255CT236 SERIAL ADAPTER 9 POL51023602V90Subject to qty
256CT244 ARCNET OPTO CONVERTER51024405V90Subject to qty
257CT244 ARCNET OPTO CONVERTER51024409V90Subject to qty
258CT244 ARCNET/LIGHT51024405RENV90Subject to qty
259CT245 ARCNET TERM MALE PLUG51024501V90Subject to qty
260CT247 OPTICAL/RS232 INTERFACE51024701V90Subject to qty
261CT247 OPTICAL/RS232 INTERFACE51024701RENV90Subject to qty
262CT291 INTEGRATED TERMINAL SMA51029101RENV90Subject to qty
263CT291 INTEGRATED TERMINAL ST51029107V90Subject to qty
264CT291 INTEGRATED TERMINAL ST51029107RENV90Subject to qty
265CT297 OVP VCS51029703V90Subject to qty
266CT297 OVP VCS51029705V90Subject to qty
267CT304 LIGHTNING DETECTOR51030403V90Subject to qty
268CT304 LIGHTNING DETECTOR51030404V90Subject to qty
269CT3153 DC OUTPUT EXT.SUPPLY51315303V90Subject to qty
270CT3211 FIBRE OPTIC PORT51321103V90Subject to qty
271CT3215 RS422/RS485 PORT51321502V90Subject to qty
272CT3218 COUNTER51321802V90€ 441.00
273CT3220 ANALOG INPUT BBFF51322020V90Subject to qty
274CT3220 ANALOG INPUT BBFF51322020RENV90Subject to qty
275CT3220 ANALOG INPUT CCFF51322021V90Subject to qty
276CT3220 ANALOG INPUT FFFC51322027V90Subject to qty
277CT3220 ANALOG INPUT FFFF51322022V90Subject to qty
278CT3220 ANALOG INPUT FFFF51322022RENV90Subject to qty
279CT3220 ANALOG INPUT GFFC51322023V90Subject to qty
280CT3220 ANALOG INPUT GFFC51322023RENV90Subject to qty
281CT3220 ANALOG INPUT GFFF51322024V90Subject to qty
282CT3220 ANALOG INPUT HFFC51322025V90Subject to qty
283CT3220 ANALOG INPUT NO PIGGYB51322002V90Subject to qty
284CT3220 G---, INPUT 4-24MA"114462V90Subject to qty
285CT3220 G---, INPUT 4-24MA"114700V90Subject to qty
286CT3220 G---, INPUT 4-24MA"114701V90Subject to qty
287CT3220 G---, INPUT 4-24MA"114710V90Subject to qty
288CT3220 G---, INPUT 4-24MA"51322028RENV90Subject to qty
289CT3222 LIGHTNING DETECT INTF51322203V90Subject to qty
290CT3234 ANALOG OUTPUT -10/+10V51323401V90Subject to qty
291CT3234 ANALOG OUTPUT -10/+10V51323401RENV90Subject to qty
292CT3252 ARCNET INTERFACE51325203V90Subject to qty
293CT3252 ARCNET INTERFACE51325203RENV90Subject to qty
294CT3253 VCM51325301V90Subject to qty
295CT326 VAS/RC51032601V90Subject to qty
296CT328 VAS/RC51032801V90Subject to qty
297CT333 MONT EMC FILTER 1000V51033301V90Subject to qty
298CT335 VCS-TRU PRINT 1000V51033501V90Subject to qty
299CT3354 INTERNAL POWER SUPPLY51335401V90Subject to qty
300CT3354 INTERNAL POWER SUPPLY51335401RENV90Subject to qty
301CT3357 INTERNAL POWER SUPPLY51335701V90Subject to qty
302CT3357 INTERNAL POWER SUPPLY51335701RENV90Subject to qty
303CT3363 EXTERNAL POWER SUPPLY51336301V90Subject to qty
304CT3363 EXTERNAL POWER SUPPLY51336301RENV90Subject to qty
305CT3409 RACK UNIT51340901V90Subject to qty
306CT3513 ARCNET MODULE51351301V90Subject to qty
307CT3513 ARCNET/CU51351301RENV90Subject to qty
308CT354 OPTICAL BLADE SENSOR51035401V90Subject to qty
309CT360 VPC POWER CONTROLLER51036001V90Subject to qty
310CT3601 PROCESSOR51360102V90Subject to qty
311CT3601 PROCESSOR51360102RENV90Subject to qty
312CT3603 PROCESSOR POWERPC CAN51360301V90Subject to qty
313CT3603 PROCESSOR POWERPC CAN51360301RENV90Subject to qty
314CT3613 ARCNET/TWISTED PAIR51361303V90Subject to qty
315CT3613 ARCNET/TWISTED PAIR51361303RENV90Subject to qty
316CT3614 ARCNET/OPTIC RS42251361403V90Subject to qty
317CT3614 ARCNET/OPTIC RS42251361403RENV90Subject to qty
318CT379 VOG 251037901V90Subject to qty
319CT383 AGO2 GATE DRIVER51038303V90Subject to qty
320CT420 FLEXPOWER VPC ADAPTER51042001V90Subject to qty
321CT6001 PROCESSOR WITH FAN51600104V90Subject to qty
322CT6001 PROCESSOR WITH FAN51600104RENV90Subject to qty
323CT6061 I/O CONTROLLER51606106V90Subject to qty
324CT6061 I/O CONTROLLER51606109V90Subject to qty
325CT6061 I/O CONTROLLER51606106RENV90Subject to qty
326CT6118 COUNTER51611802V90Subject to qty
327CT6118 COUNTER51611803V90Subject to qty
328CT6118 COUNTER51611804V90Subject to qty
329CT6154 24VDC 1A OUTPUT51615402V90Subject to qty
330CT6211 OPTIC SER INTERFACE ST51621107V90Subject to qty
331CT6211 OPTIC SER INTERFACE ST51621108V90Subject to qty
332CT6215 RS422/RS485 INTERFACE51621504V90Subject to qty
333CT6215 RS422/RS485 INTERFACE51621505V90Subject to qty
334CT6220 ANALOG INPUT 0-24mA51622003V90Subject to qty
335CT6220 ANALOG INPUT 0-24mA51622004V90Subject to qty
336CT6220 ANALOG INPUT 0-24mA51622005V90Subject to qty
337CT6221 PT100 INTERFACE51622104V90Subject to qty
338CT6234 ANALOG OUTPUT 1 CH51623401V90Subject to qty
339CT6244 TERMINAL51624401V90Subject to qty
340CT6251 MEDIA CONV ARCNET ST51625101V90Subject to qty
341CT6255 MEDIA CONV ARCNET ST51625502V90Subject to qty
342CT6256 MEDIA CONV ARCNET ST51625602V90Subject to qty
343CT6258 MEDIA CONV 1000uM POF51625801V90Subject to qty

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Note: All Cotas CT Modules Spare Parts ending with part number 'REN' are renovated/reconditioned parts

* Special discount offers for Cotas Spares Parts valid only on selected parts, specific periods and subject to availability

** All Prices if shown are for one single unit – excl. VAT and in € Euro currency if not indicated otherwise


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