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Vestas V66 Spare Parts

You receive used, high-quality, thoroughly tested, original Vestas V66 spare parts and consumables at competitive prices. Whether you order original or non-original parts, we guarantee products which always live up to an Approved Quality Standard. With MWPS World as your trusted First Choice, One-Stop-Shop Wind Turbine Spare Parts supplier for most popular make and models, you are assured that your fleet of wind turbines or single unit privately owned sites will be operating in a healthy and productive state, helping you to achieve to generate the maximum output results at the highest possible capacity rating year on end.

Vestas V66 Spare Parts

VESTAS V66 - Discounted Spare Parts List
Pos.ModelDescriptionVestas Part NumberDiscount Price
1V66MOUNT.PASTE KLؚBER 46 MR 40123785Subject to qty
2V66FEMCO DRAINPLUG100475Subject to qty
3V66COOLER F.GEAR RUN PUMP, V47 "101008Subject to qty
4V66LABYRINTH SEAL, HSS"103453Subject to qty
5V66OIL PUMP HOUSING EH552G21103831Subject to qty
6V66COVER FOR RM-NIPPLE,RM01-51402"103850Subject to qty
7V66M-NIPPLE M8, RM01-51403"103851Subject to qty
8V66M-NIPPLE 1/4"" TPT, RM01-51401"103852Subject to qty
9V66NIPPLE FLAT DIN 3404-1/4A LONG103860Subject to qty
10V66SHAFT SEAL KIT - RUUE104008Subject to qty
11V66HOSE HYDRAULIC 1/2"" L=505mm"104096Subject to qty
12V66SEAL, OIL RING, SM 45X62X8MM"104531Subject to qty
13V66OIL LEVEL GLASS104801Subject to qty
14V66EMC HOSE DOUBLE FOR BALLUFF105198Subject to qty
15V66END SHILD NDE WEIER 1,65MW"105415Subject to qty
16V66END SHIELD ND-END, COATED"105438Subject to qty
17V66SEALKIT FOR 105104106073Subject to qty
19V66NRG ICE FREE III ANO106422Subject to qty
20V66RUBBER GASKET FOR FT SENSOR106429Subject to qty
21V66WIND SENSOR FT702LT v22 CAL106498Subject to qty
22V66BALL BEARING 6330 BB1-7060 B107085Subject to qty
23V66SHAFT SEAL ؝500x؝540x20 CB107901Subject to qty
24V66SHAFT SEAL ؝660X؝700X20 CB107911Subject to qty
25V66SEAL KIT FOR GEAR OIL PUMP108055Subject to qty
26V66O-RING ؝37.77X2.62 NBR 70108110Subject to qty
27V66O-RING ؝23.00x2.50 NBR 70108193Subject to qty
28V66TIGHTENING TAPE 125C VAC. PROC108401Subject to qty
29V66NITRILE RUBB. 350X300X4MM, P559"108553Subject to qty
30V66SEAL KIT FOR VICKERS VCB1-10108606Subject to qty
31V66RUBBER BELOWS BETECH 72850217108775Subject to qty
32V66LEVEL SENSOR EVS311-20012109021Subject to qty
33V66LEVEL SWITCH BARKSDALE UNS1000109022Subject to qty
34V66HYDR. HANDPUMP FOR ROTOR LOCK109030Subject to qty
35V66HYDRAULIC AIR FILTER G3/4"" SINTER METAL"109031Subject to qty
36V66LEVEL SENSOR FSK176.2.3/0/-/12109083Subject to qty
37V66LEVEL BREAKER COBALT NBA 10-00109152Subject to qty
38V66PRESSURE SWITCH DS 302/F-55/SS109156Subject to qty
39V66OIL LEVEL DIPSTICK, HANSEN"109161Subject to qty
40V66FILTER INDICATOR, VISUAL 3093/"109162Subject to qty
41V66LEVEL SWITCH FOR WINERGY109186Subject to qty
42V66HUM+TEMP PROBE VAISALA HMP155E109252Subject to qty
43V66HUM+TEMP PROBE VAISALA HMP155A109253Subject to qty
44V66HYDR PRESS TRANSMITTER109270Subject to qty
45V66VALVE FLOW CTRL HYDR 30.5L/MIN109496Subject to qty
46V66SENSOR PRESS TRANSMITTER250BAR109537Subject to qty
47V66OVERCENT VALVE IH 1CE30-F-35S5109538Subject to qty
48V66VALVE RELIEF 235 BAR109585Subject to qty
49V66CARTRIDGE F. BURST TIN 140 BAR109623Subject to qty
50V66PLUG VALVE 2"" BSP AKO"109625Subject to qty
51V66CPL. BLOCK W/BURSTING DISC109627Subject to qty
52V66PIN/SPRING SET F.CALIBER109789Subject to qty
53V66PUMP 100 L109836Subject to qty
54V66SEAL RING ACCU. 10L 0530221018109889Subject to qty
55V66AKKUMULATOR 0,16 L 22 BAR"109922Subject to qty
56V66LIFTKET CHAIN BOX110428Subject to qty
57V66HOOK PROTECTOR LIFTKET110442Subject to qty
58V66SLOTTED SNAP-SCREW 0323-0001114192Subject to qty
59V66THERMOSTAT EBERLE RTRE 6722114214Subject to qty
60V66THERMOSTAT RTRE.6704 -20/+35114219Subject to qty
61V66PT100, SENSOR, HANSEN BEAR.V39 "114298Subject to qty
62V66PT100, SENSOR, HANSEN OIL V39 "114299Subject to qty
63V66RELAY TIME S105 166 C24 B001 0.1S-10MIN114332Subject to qty
64V66RELAY114377Subject to qty
65V66SECURITY RELAY G7SA-5A1B114379Subject to qty
66V66SOCKET P7SA-14F-ND114380Subject to qty
67V66THERMOSTAT KTS 01147.9-00114447Subject to qty
68V66TIME RELAY CT-MFE 0,05S - 100H"114474Subject to qty
69V66LEVEL SWITCH W. PT100 L=375MM114710Subject to qty
70V66SENSOR PT100-180-5-3M-SA114722Subject to qty
71V66TERMINAL KRT 25mm2 M10114820Subject to qty
72V66TERMINAL KRT 25mm2 M12114824Subject to qty
73V66VIBRATION SENSOR WL-NJ-S2-G114855Subject to qty
74V66INDUKTIVE SENSOR114951Subject to qty
75V66ELEC.MOTOR AEG AM160 11KW 1460115269Subject to qty
76V66ACTUATOR,TY. LBM2.5,SL.L=150MM"115276Subject to qty
77V66WORM GEAR MOTOVA MNRV75 COMER115310Subject to qty
78V66GEAR WORM FOR YAW GEAR 115395 RH COMER115367Subject to qty
79V66WORM GEAR SOM F. 115396 LEFT115368Subject to qty
80V66FLANGES,SET FOR SOM, 115395/96"115392Subject to qty
81V66GAS CYL.SPR.19-200-505-100-WG115691Subject to qty
82V66LOCK PLATE DCD480MM F.28 BOLTS115738Subject to qty
83V66PRESSOSTAT DS-112-240/F115775Subject to qty
84V66PRESSURE SWITCH MBC5000-1011115778Subject to qty
85V66FILAMENT LAMP 36V 300 4000116173Subject to qty
86V66RELAY RY4S-U 24V DC116262Subject to qty
87V66RELAY RH 1B-UL-DC-48V116280Subject to qty
88V66RELAY RH2B-UL-AC-230V IZUMI116292Subject to qty
89V66TURN HANDLE FOR ISOMAX S3-4-5116324Subject to qty
90V66CONTACT BLOCK ZB4BZ101116328Subject to qty
91V66E. PUSHBUTTON ZB4BS844116330Subject to qty
92V66AUTOMATIC FUSE S261 B6 1POL116611Subject to qty
93V66AUTOMAT.FUSE S261 B10116617Subject to qty
94V66CENTRIFUGAL FAN 400V 50/60Hz116727Subject to qty
95V66TRAFO 4,0KVA 690/230V"116810Subject to qty
96V66CHOKE GRID 3X0,4MH 300A/300A"116883Subject to qty
97V663-PHASE REACTOR 1.32MH 60HZ116885Subject to qty
98V66MAX.SWH.ISOMAX S3X 125 3P R100117040Subject to qty
99V66CIRCUIT BREAKERS3X 125 3P R125117041Subject to qty
100V66CIRCUIT BREAKER E2N-2000 3POL117043Subject to qty
101V66CIRCUIT BREAKER SACE S7S1200117048Subject to qty
102V66SACE ISOMAX SWITC. S2S160 R160117054Subject to qty
103V66CIRCUIT BREAKER S2X80-32A117057Subject to qty
104V66PROLIM PL20/13 690V 1SFA2000-C117080Subject to qty
105V66LIGHTNING CONDUCTOR PELLET121955Subject to qty
106V66CURED LAMINATE EW-G-EV 750R126778Subject to qty
107V66FILTER SIZE 1000 6MY DIN 24550130537Subject to qty
108V66PRES.FILT.HOUSE PI2214-57+HC35130545Subject to qty
109V66HYDRAULIC HOSE 5/8"", L=610MM"130901Subject to qty
110V66SOL. VALVE SV3-10-O-0-24DG131031Subject to qty
111V66SOLENO.VALVE SV13-12-C-0-24DGH131035Subject to qty
112V66SOLENOID VALVE 2/2NC131037Subject to qty
113V66VALVE, RELIEF, RV7-10-C-0-5"131071Subject to qty
114V66CHECH VALVE RHV 15-PLR-ED131081Subject to qty
115V66CHECK VALVE CV3-10-P-0-3131084Subject to qty
116V66PRESS.CONT.VALVE RV1-10-C-0-36131102Subject to qty
117V66VALVE NEEDLE NV1-10-K-0131113Subject to qty
118V66SOLENOID VALVE 2/2 NO131232Subject to qty
119V66CHECK VALVE CV11-12-P-0-2.5131301Subject to qty
120V66SOLENOIDVALVE 3/2 W1DCA8 24VDC131325Subject to qty
121V66HYDRAULIC HOSE 1"" L=1000"132002Subject to qty
122V66HYD. FIT. CAP 1/4"" BRASS"132425Subject to qty
123V66STATIC MIXER 103,7 SQUARE mm"132924Subject to qty
124V66GAS VALVE ACCU. 10-50L EHV133614Subject to qty
125V66CLAMP PROFILE NR 05-1006137001Subject to qty
126V66PROFILE RUBBER EPDM 15-602137011Subject to qty
127V66CLIP ؝ 952MM, RAL 7035"142719Subject to qty
128V66CLIP ؝1038MM, RAL7035"142721Subject to qty
129V66LABEL, SKF LGWM1"144411Subject to qty
130V66LEAK SEARCH SPRAY145142Subject to qty
131V66L-FORSKRUNING 1 7/8""-12"146173Subject to qty
132V66CLIP SB-MULTI ؝-MIN 16mm148710Subject to qty
133V66LOCK SB-MULTI148711Subject to qty
134V66AEROSHELL GREASE 7149052Subject to qty
135V66OIL GEAR, MEROPA 150"149088Subject to qty
136V66OIL GEAR MEROPA 220 TEXACO149091Subject to qty
137V66SHELL OMALA S4 WE 320149107Subject to qty
138V66WHITE OIL FARMACEUTICAL ISO240149124Subject to qty
139V66TECTYLE 127 CGW (ALU.)149155Subject to qty
140V66SHELL GADUS S5 T460 1.5149164Subject to qty
141V66TRIBOL 1710/320 GEAROIL149341Subject to qty
142V66SET M12X 90 10.9 TZN151051Subject to qty
143V66SCREW SKT M16x130 10.9 flZnLnc151159Subject to qty
144V66WASHER SEALING M6 NBR151298Subject to qty
145V66HEX SOC.SET.SCR M24X90 A4-70151632Subject to qty
146V66O-RING ؝38X 2,5 VITON"151714Subject to qty
147V66BOLT HEX ISO 4014 M12x55 8.8U tZn152097Subject to qty
148V66SCREW HEX M16x50 10.9 gZn152170Subject to qty
149V66BOLT HEX ISO 4014 M33x140 10.9U tZn152181Subject to qty
150V66BOLT HEX ISO 4014 M20x70 8.8U tZn152188Subject to qty
151V66BOLT HEX ISO 4014 M8x35 8.8U tZn152193Subject to qty
152V66SCREW HEX ISO 4017 M10x70 8.8U tZn152214Subject to qty
153V66BOLT HEX M10x70 8.8U tZn152235Subject to qty
154V66BOLT HEX ISO 4014 M20x65 8.8U tZn152256Subject to qty
155V66BOLT HEX M20x90 10.9U tZn152259Subject to qty
156V66BOLT HEX M20x140 10.9U tZn152260Subject to qty
157V66BOLT HEX M24x310 10.9U tZn152291Subject to qty
158V66BOLT HEX M33x330 8.8U tZn152339Subject to qty
159V66BOLT HEX ISO 4014 M33x220 10.9 flZnLnc152403Subject to qty
160V66BOLT HEX ISO 4014 M52x400 10.9 flZnLnc152445Subject to qty
161V66BOLT ISO4014 M30x270 10.9U tZn152529Subject to qty
162V66BOLT HEX ISO 4014 M10x60 8.8U tZn152960Subject to qty
163V66SCREW HEX ISO 4017 M12x35 A4-70153300Subject to qty
164V66SCREW HEX ISO 4017 M16x50 8.8U tZn153321Subject to qty
165V66BOLT ISO4017 M16x55 8.8U tZn153508Subject to qty
166V66BOLT HEX ISO 4014 M20x110 8.8U tZn153568Subject to qty
167V66HEX NUT HS M20 10 TZN154347Subject to qty
168V66BOLT HEX ISO 4014 M16x60 8.8U tZn154387Subject to qty
169V66BOLT HEX ISO 4014 M16x70 8.8U tZn155144Subject to qty
170V66BOLT HEX ISO 4014 M33x220 10.9U tZn155165Subject to qty
171V66SCREW HEX ISO 4017 M8x40 8.8U WL tZn155459Subject to qty
172V66SHIM ؝24.5X؝150X3155974Subject to qty
173V66SHIM ؝220X؝40,5X0,5"156706Subject to qty
174V66WASHER ISO 7093 M12 A4-70156818Subject to qty
175V66WASHER CHAMFER ISO 7090 M16 300HV tZn157016Subject to qty
176V66NUT HEX ISO 4032 M24 8 tZn157198Subject to qty
177V66FLANGE LOCK NUT M8 A4-70157746Subject to qty
178V66NUT HEX LOCK ISO 7040 M20 A4-70158046Subject to qty
179V66NUT HEX LOCK ISO 7040 M24 A4-70158048Subject to qty
180V66PRESSURE SWITCH DS-112-70-/F166010Subject to qty
181V66PRESS SWITCH DS-112-70-F 10BAR166011Subject to qty
182V66MODEM INSYS 56K SMALL INT 2.1181097Subject to qty
183V66ISOMAX S3D-160 3P FOR 2,0MW"184933Subject to qty
184V66MCB S201B6 6A B 1P184951Subject to qty
185V66MCB S201-Z4 4A Z 1P184953Subject to qty
186V66MCB FS 201-B 13/0,03 2P"184954Subject to qty
187V66MCB S201-K32 32A K 1P184960Subject to qty
188V66AUTOMAT.FUSE FS 201-B 16/0,03"184963Subject to qty
189V66CONT LC1D80 230V AC 50/60HZ UL185007Subject to qty
190V66MCB 1489-A1D100 10A D 1P185169Subject to qty
191V66RELAY SAFETY 24V 3NO 1NC186021Subject to qty
192V66POWER SUPPLY ADC5783 2,5A"186201Subject to qty
193V66MCB FS201-B6/0.03186411Subject to qty
194V66RELAY TH TA25DU 0,40-0,63 A"188229Subject to qty
195V66RELAY THROW TA25DU 0.63-1.00 A188230Subject to qty
196V66RELAY THROW TA25DU 7.50-11.0 A188238Subject to qty
197V66RELAY TH E16DU 2.0-6.3 A CL20188242Subject to qty
198V66CIRCUIT BREAK. MS325 0.4-0.63A188249Subject to qty
199V66CIRCUIT BREAK. MS325 9-12.5A188250Subject to qty
200V66CIRCUIT BREAK MS325 12,5-16A"188251Subject to qty
201V66CIRCUIT BREAKER MS325 4-6,3A"188252Subject to qty
202V66LINECIRCUIT-BREAKER MS325188254Subject to qty
203V66CIRCUIT BREAK MO 325 4,00"188267Subject to qty
204V66CIRCUIT BREAK MO 325 6,3"188268Subject to qty
205V66LINE CIRCUIT BREAK. MO325 12.5188269Subject to qty
206V66CIRCUIT BREAK STOTZ WT63-3 3P188274Subject to qty
207V66CURRENT TRAFO N60/30 1800/1A188319Subject to qty
208V66TRAFO 6,3KVA 690V/230V 50/60HZ"188327Subject to qty
209V66TRAFO TA-F100 230V/24V188346Subject to qty
210V66ELECTRIC TRANSFORMER TA-F50188347Subject to qty
211V66TRAFO CURR. L50/30 600/1 KL.02188432Subject to qty
212V66SURGE ARREST SBK-0 45/10 COV36188503Subject to qty
213V66DEHNGUARD 75188508Subject to qty
214V66BLITZDUCTOR CT MD 24V188512Subject to qty
215V66DEHNGUARD 600FM188521Subject to qty
216V66FUSE HOLDER 3-POL.DIN-00188530Subject to qty
217V66FUSE 63A 690V NH00 AM188562Subject to qty
218V66FUSE 100A SIBA TYPE 00 C188578Subject to qty
219V66EFF. RESISTOR RCD61 0.1% 20HM188601Subject to qty
220V66RESISTOR 21 OHM +/- 5% 400W188802Subject to qty
221V66RESISTOR 6K OHM +/- 3% 100W188803Subject to qty
222V66RESISTOR 3-FASE 0,1 OHM 1,5V"188810Subject to qty
223V66RESISTANCE 33 OHM 25W HSM40188824Subject to qty
224V66CHOPPER RESISTOR 0,4 OHM"189085Subject to qty
225V66MOTORSTARTER 1.70 - 2.40189236Subject to qty
226V66PUSH BUTTON HA2L-A1C14Y190826Subject to qty
227V66SOLENOID VALVE 2/2 NC-SV-13-16193450Subject to qty
228V66VALVE MAGNET 2/2C HYDR VAL193452Subject to qty
229V66SOL.VALVE SV13-12-O-0-24DGH193455Subject to qty
230V66COVER F.LAMP FITT.2x18W SVENDB193914Subject to qty
231V66FLUORESCENT LAMP FITT 24V 8W193921Subject to qty
232V66COVER F.SVENDBOG ARMATUR 24V193922Subject to qty
233V66FLUORESC.LAMP 24V 8W ؝16/288MM193924Subject to qty
234V66FLUORESCENT LAMP 24V,10W/F33"193925Subject to qty
235V66HEAT ELEMENT 400W 220V SPEC.193931Subject to qty
236V66MOTOR F.COOLING PUMP V66 690V193949Subject to qty
237V66MOTOR, INTERNAL VENT.690V/60HZ"193952Subject to qty
238V66MOTOR 690V-50HZ CCJ HDU 15/25193986Subject to qty
239V66MOTOR M2ARS100L-6 MK4051-12/01193994Subject to qty
240V66HEAT MAT 300W 230V194035Subject to qty
241V66CABLE 1X50 TINNED (7X52X0,4)"194163Subject to qty
242V66ANEMOMETERCUP194554Subject to qty
243V66LED (GREEN)194895Subject to qty
244V66FAN 480V INCL NET AND RAMME.194978Subject to qty
245V66HEATING ELEMENT 200W/240V 15M194983Subject to qty
246V66HEATING ELEMENT 24V195002Subject to qty
247V66DEHNGUARD 275FM195051Subject to qty
248V66DEHNGUARD 320FM195052Subject to qty
249V66ARC DETECTION SYSTEM 230V AC195065Subject to qty
250V66PROTC SA DG S 75 75VAC195120Subject to qty
251V66PROTC SA DG S 275 FM 275VAC195123Subject to qty
252V66PROTC SA DG S 320 FM 320VAC195124Subject to qty
253V66SIGN EAR PROTECTION MUST BE WO208001Subject to qty
254V66SIGN NO PHOTOGRAPS208009Subject to qty
255V66SIGN SURVIVAL EQUIPMENT208016Subject to qty
256V66SIGN ONLY ONE PERSON ON LADDER208058Subject to qty
257V66RESCUE/DESCEND EQUIP 83M208072Subject to qty
258V66RESCUE/DESCEND EQUIP 125M208073Subject to qty
259V66SIGN UPDATING KIT- DESC EQUIPM208074Subject to qty
260V66GREASE NEVER SEEZ HTS-1400213620Subject to qty
261V66POLYETHYLENE TAPE 100MMX10M238735Subject to qty
262V66SPRAYPAINT RAL5003 VESTAS BLUE250239Subject to qty
263V66RUST-PREVENTING ALSLIP 640250992Subject to qty
264V66LOCTITE 638, 50ML"280116Subject to qty
265V66RELAY VAS/RC 701290701290Subject to qty
266V66RELAY VAS/RC701291Subject to qty
267V66WASHER ؝56 X ؝25 X 10702925Subject to qty
268V66ASSEMBLE BOX A4, 500 KW"703251Subject to qty
269V66VIBRATION SENSOR COMPLETE703254Subject to qty
270V66ADJUSTING FORK, ARRETERARR."703810Subject to qty
271V66BOLT, LOCK F. BLADE"721065Subject to qty
272V66STATOR FOR ROT. ARC NET724123Subject to qty
273V66STATOR FOR ROT.ARCNET, CAST."724127Subject to qty
274V66STATOR FOR ROT.ARCNET, MOUNT."724129Subject to qty
275V66CABLING BUSH FOR CONTROL CABLE724132Subject to qty
276V66BRACKET FOR ACCUMULATOR, HUB"724320Subject to qty
277V66CABLE CLAMP ؝65/؝110724411Subject to qty
278V66STOPPLATE FOR RADIAL PLATE726120Subject to qty
279V66CABLE SET AND RESIS.SET 1,5MW"727075Subject to qty
280V66VAS/RC 727301727301Subject to qty
281V66YAW CONTROL MOUN. 1.5MW727320Subject to qty
283V66CU BUSBAR THYR-CONNEC. MW727417Subject to qty
284V66W884 ARC NET CABLE 8M 1,5MW"727539Subject to qty
285V66W980 OPTICAL FIBRE 84M727541Subject to qty
286V66W687 CONNECTING CABLE 2450 MM727580Subject to qty
287V66ARC NED CAB.,HUB-CONT."727848Subject to qty
288V66SHIELDING CABIN/HUB728013Subject to qty
289V66ROOF RAIL728130Subject to qty
290V66ROOF RAIL, LONG"728132Subject to qty
291V66ADAPTER FITTING FOR ROOF BOW728164Subject to qty
292V66TRAY F. COVERPLATE728227Subject to qty
293V66GRID F.COOLING CHANNEL,IN ROOF"728477Subject to qty
294V66LIGHT RECEPT SCREW M16x25mm731054Subject to qty
295V66RECEPTOR SUPPORT, 15MM"731058Subject to qty
296V66RECEPTOR SUPPORT, 10MM"731059Subject to qty
297V66LIGHT.RECEPT. SCREW M16-30MM731073Subject to qty
298V66LIGHT.RECEPT. SCREW M16,4-25MM"731074Subject to qty
299V66LIGHT.RECEPT. SCREW M16,4-35MM"731077Subject to qty
300V66LIGHT.RECEPT. SCREW M16,4-19MM"731089Subject to qty
301V66INTERMEDIATE TUBE MACHINED, ZM"743410Subject to qty
302V66MIDDLE BEAM TRAFO745355Subject to qty
303V66CABLE SET FOR Q7A+Q7B 1,65MW"747157Subject to qty
304V66COPPERBUSBAR L=422747450Subject to qty
305V66W882C LIYCY 7X0,25MM2 6,3M"747612Subject to qty
306V66CABLE W880B LIYCY 6X1MM2 5M747616Subject to qty
307V66CABLE W880C LIYCY 6X1MM2 6,1M"747617Subject to qty
308V66W882A LIYCY 7X0,25MM2 4,2M"747618Subject to qty
309V66W882B LIYCY 7X0,25MM2 5,2M"747619Subject to qty
310V66STALL STRIP - 750751328Subject to qty
311V66FILTER STUD753087Subject to qty
312V6640 AMP. BRUSH PACKET753543Subject to qty
313V66SHIELD F. ROT. UNION753608Subject to qty
314V66BASE FOR CONNECTING BOX753623Subject to qty
315V66GROUND CONTACT - 3 BRUSHES753659Subject to qty
316V66GROUND CONTACT 3 BRUSH/SHAFT753660Subject to qty
317V66FLEX CURRENT CONNECTION ؝10753682Subject to qty
318V662MW ROT. CONTACT V66 V80 ENC.753692Subject to qty
319V662MW ROT. CONTACT V66 V80753693Subject to qty
320V66BRACKET FOR NOSE CONE CPL760847Subject to qty
321V66LIGHTN.COND.CABLE,MNT.FOR 39M"761079Subject to qty
322V66CLIP PT05761458Subject to qty
323V66LIGHTNING ROD761553Subject to qty
325V66PIPE ؝30 CIRCUIT1 T1 GEAR OIL763215Subject to qty
326V66PIPE P1 FOR COOLER763218Subject to qty
327V66PIPE T1 FOR COOLER763222Subject to qty
328V66TOWER ACC. FOR V66 /V80 5000,02"763351Subject to qty
329V66SIGNAL CABLE W475 L:15M763355Subject to qty
330V66SUPPLY CABLE W474 L:15M763356Subject to qty
331V66GENERATOR BASE763871Subject to qty
332V66INTERMEDIATE TUBE VC 420764451Subject to qty
333V66COMPOSITE TUBE ؝308X؝316 GRIND764465Subject to qty
334V66HUB FOR GENERATOR VK420764751Subject to qty
335V66WIRESET HUB V80 -VCS-MW764973Subject to qty
336V66BUSBAR CU 10x50x70MM765581Subject to qty
337V66OVP MODULE VCS-1,75/2,0MW"765718Subject to qty
338V66CHOPPER MODUL. ON AL-PLATE765759Subject to qty
339V66YAW CONTR.UNIT/NACELLE POS.767320Subject to qty
340V66ANGLE 15 MW555A 3LED W M8767582Subject to qty
341V66CABLE W484 INDUTIV AFL. B430768103Subject to qty
342V66CABLE W483 INDUCTIVE LEAD B400768104Subject to qty
343V66CABLE W217 2X0.5 LSOH L:2M768127Subject to qty
344V66CABLE W81B H07RN-F 7G1,5MM2"768305Subject to qty
345V66CABLE W88 H07RN-F 4G1.5MM2768318Subject to qty
346V66CABLE W97A LIYCY 6X1MM2768323Subject to qty
347V66CABLE W983B LIYCY 10X1MM2768396Subject to qty
348V66CABLE W252B1 2x1.5mm2 LSOH 12m768428Subject to qty
349V66CHAIN GUIDE768524Subject to qty
350V66CHAIN CASE+MOUNT.+SPARE PART768546Subject to qty
351V66CABLE W22F H07RN-F 5X2,5 L=120"768646Subject to qty
352V66LIGHTNING CONDUCTOR JUMPER768746Subject to qty
353V66CABLE W494 INDUTIV SENSOR B418768915Subject to qty
354V66BOX A6A FOR FT702LT SENSOR769050Subject to qty
355V66CABLE FOR FT-SENSOR L=15M769113Subject to qty
356V66CABLE FOR LCTU 50MM2 L=275MM781173Subject to qty
357V66DOOR HANDLE FOR LOCK786020Subject to qty
358V66PLASTIC COVER F. LOCK CYLINDER786116Subject to qty
359V66EL MOTOR PV4 3x690V 50 / 60 HZ789932Subject to qty
360V66SINGLE BLADE FRAME V80 (ROOT)789950Subject to qty
361V66FRAME FOR TIP SUPPORT789951Subject to qty
362V66WASTE TRAY832057Subject to qty
363V66KIT TRAFO TA-F20 220V MOUNT/READY836660Subject to qty
364V66ALUMINIUM,V47 BEAR.HOUS.,SMALL"880021Subject to qty
365V66RETROFIT II PITCH MANIFOLD V66880110Subject to qty
366V66BLADE BEARING SUPPORT SEGMENT, V66 "880228Subject to qty
367V66LEVEL-SWITCH HANSEN GB EH802880324Subject to qty
368V66UPGR KIT NOSE CONE SUPPORT V66880420Subject to qty
369V66UPGRADE ROOF RAIL CIM1301880441Subject to qty
370V66KITSET FOR MOUNT OF ARC DETEC880449Subject to qty
371V66UPGRADE LCTU MK1&2 TO MK3880463Subject to qty
372V66US SENSOR RETRO KIT TO FT702LT880465Subject to qty
373V66UPG CIM 1665 GEAR OIL HEATER880509Subject to qty
374V66PRESSURE SWI CIM117 VCS MW UPGRADE880712Subject to qty
375V66KIT FOR 1,8/2MW HYD. PU"880804Subject to qty
376V66PVC CORE, 39M VINGE, TIP-REP"881857Subject to qty
377V66UPG. KIT CIM2235 CABLESET L551883278Subject to qty
378V66EYEBOLT SWIVEL VLBG M1010100219Subject to qty
379V66LIFTING BRACKET FRONT M5610100401Subject to qty
380V66GUSSET UPPER LH F RF V66 /80/9029004536Subject to qty
381V66GUSSET LOWER RH F RF V66 /80/9029004537Subject to qty
382V66GUSSET LOWER LH F RF V66 /80/9029004538Subject to qty
383V66CT217 WATCHDOG51021703Subject to qty
384V66CT236 SERIAL ADAPTER 9 POL51023602Subject to qty
385V66CT245 ARCNET TERM MALE PLUG51024501Subject to qty
386V66CT247 OPTICAL/RS232 INTERFACE51024701Subject to qty
387V66CT303 THYRISTOR DRIVER51030301Subject to qty
388V66CT326 VAS/RC51032601Subject to qty
389V66CT328 VAS/RC51032801Subject to qty
390V66CT335 VCS-TRU PRINT 1000V51033501Subject to qty
391V66CT354 OPTICAL BLADE SENSOR51035401Subject to qty
392V66CT383 AGO2 GATE DRIVER51038303Subject to qty
393V66CT3153 DC OUTPUT EXT.SUPPLY51315303Subject to qty
394V66CT3211 FIBRE OPTIC PORT51321103Subject to qty
395V66CT3212 RS232 PORT51321202Subject to qty
396V66CT3215 RS422/RS485 PORT51321502Subject to qty
397V66CT3218 COUNTER51321802€ 441.00
398V66CT3220 ANALOG INPUT NO PIGGYB51322002Subject to qty
399V66CT3220 ANALOG INPUT BBFF51322020Subject to qty
400V66CT3220 ANALOG INPUT FFFF51322022Subject to qty
401V66CT3220 ANALOG INPUT GFFC51322023Subject to qty
402V66CT3220 ANALOG INPUT GFFF51322024Subject to qty
403V66CT3220 ANALOG INPUT HFFC51322025Subject to qty
404V66CT3220 ANALOG INPUT FFFC51322027Subject to qty
405V66CT3234 ANALOG OUTPUT -10/+10V51323401Subject to qty
406V66CT3252 ARCNET INTERFACE51325203Subject to qty
407V66CT3354 INTERNAL POWER SUPPLY51335401Subject to qty
408V66CT3357 INTERNAL POWER SUPPLY51335701Subject to qty
409V66CT3363 EXTERNAL POWER SUPPLY51336301Subject to qty
410V66CT3409 RACK UNIT51340901Subject to qty
411V66CT3513 ARCNET MODULE51351301Subject to qty
412V66CT3601 PROCESSOR51360102Subject to qty
413V66CT3613 ARCNET/TWISTED PAIR51361303Subject to qty
414V66CT3614 ARCNET/OPTIC RS42251361403Subject to qty
415V66CT 3614 ARCNET/OPTICAL+RS-42251361404Subject to qty
416V66CT6251 MEDIA CONV ARCNET ST51625101Subject to qty
417V66ST-ROX RS232/50A CONVERTER51700301Subject to qty
418V66TRANSIENT PROT TAC/TOI51706701Subject to qty
419V66PCB METEOROLOGY STATION TOP51707901Subject to qty
420V66TRANSIENT PROT 20mA CUR LOOP51708001Subject to qty
421V66CAP 4700U 30% 63V ELYT60000875Subject to qty
422V66RC UNIT 3RT1916-1CB00 24-48VAC60004448Subject to qty
423V66MCB 5SX2216-7 16.0A C 2P60005163Subject to qty
424V66FUSE ATQR 600V 10A CC TD UL60005335Subject to qty
425V66BULB BA9S 24V60005886Subject to qty
426V66CRP TERM 70.0 32MM UI SINGLE60006242Subject to qty
427V66CABLE GLAND PG29 NYLON BS1760007546Subject to qty
428V66ENDSTOP S GC-SUIZ-O-BETG60009247Subject to qty
429V66VAISALA WVA WAV 15160009315Subject to qty
430V66VARISTOR S14K30 W. WIRE60023935Subject to qty
431V66SCR HEX SET M12x40 A260024049Subject to qty
432V66CABLE STRIP MAX 450B60033086Subject to qty
433V66O-SEAL FOR YAW BRAKE 7,00 x220"60035091Subject to qty
434V66TERMINAL RING 1.5-2.5mm2 M5 BU60037575Subject to qty
435V66SIILICONE SPRAY CAN, 400 ML"60043625Subject to qty
436V66HEAT SHRINK WRAP W/ZIPPER 2R60049378Subject to qty
437V66HEAT SHRINK WRAP W/ZIPPER R360049379Subject to qty
438V66NEVER SEEZE 500 ML. SPRAY NSA60052020Subject to qty
439V66Sealingring VL 375 NBR60065760Subject to qty
440V66HOSE PROTECTION ؝32MM60068017Subject to qty
441V66SEAL, BLUE LIQUID SILICON, 40"60076494Subject to qty
442V66COILS OD02120130OC0160095082Subject to qty
443V66PR 5222 PROG FOR PT100 SENSOR60095590Subject to qty
444V66LEVEL SWITCH FSK-176-2.X/O/-/160099043Subject to qty
445V66CABLE GLAND M32X1.5 PA PERFECT60099420Subject to qty
446V66BRAKE CALIBRE BREMBO P75B60099850Subject to qty
447V66HYDR UNIT PARKER ACT BRAKE HSS60100326Subject to qty
448V66PT100 SENSOR FOR HANSEN GEARBO60102406Subject to qty
449V66POWER SUPPLY ADC5721R 2.5A/24V60107628Subject to qty
450V66THERMOSTAT KB 104 75C +-3%60109031Subject to qty
451V66VENTILATION FAN 230V 500M3/H60110934Subject to qty
452V66KIT PFC FAN V66 1.65MW60111974Subject to qty
453V66RESISTOR 1800R for EH-120060113445Subject to qty
454V66SAFETY SIGN FOR TURBINE UK/ES60120424Subject to qty
455V66STILE CONNECTOR SET L=56075942006Subject to qty
456V66PLATFORM PLUG AT WIRE F. LIFT76610098Subject to qty
457V66DOOR STOP ASSEMBLYED78600295Subject to qty
458V66PUMP QPM 60-4-2.2-690V/60HZ103999RENSubject to qty
459V66CROSS CARDAN SHAFT L=1155MM106251RENSubject to qty
460V66ACCU. 10L 85BAR,50HZ RILS"111003RENSubject to qty
461V66ACCU. 10L 143BAR,50HZ RILS"111004RENSubject to qty
462V66BALLUF SENSOR 532mm,1.5MW"114266RENSubject to qty
463V66GEAR WORM FOR YAW GEAR 115395 RH COMER115367RENSubject to qty
464V66WORM GEAR SOM MNRV 110 LH115368RENSubject to qty
465V66YAW GEAR RIGHT V66115447RENSubject to qty
466V66YAW GEAR, LEFT V66 "115448RENSubject to qty
467V66EF UPS RT 5000VA RM 230V186181DSubject to qty
468V66MOTOR INT/EXT LS 0.85/2.0MW193985RENSubject to qty
469V665936GSM BIAXIAL 45/45GLASS 2002110-0005Subject to qty
470V66SEAL STRIP 6THKx15x3000mm4400-0028Subject to qty
471V66AN EXT DA500 SPARE PART F WT46346 FSubject to qty
472V66AN WHEEL INTERN CCW46349 FSubject to qty
473V66BATTERY TERMINAL CT23251023201RENSubject to qty
474V66CT247 OPTICAL/RS232 INTERFACE51024701RENSubject to qty
475V66CT291 INTEGRATED TERMINAL SMA51029101RENSubject to qty
476V66CT291 INTEGRATED TERMINAL ST51029107RENSubject to qty
477V66CT303 THYRISTOR DRIVER51030301RENSubject to qty
478V66CT3211 FIBR OPTIC PORT51321103RENSubject to qty
479V66CT3218 COUNTER51321802RENSubject to qty
480V66CT3220 ANALOG INPUT BBFF51322020RENSubject to qty
481V66CT3220 ANALOG INPUT FFFF51322022RENSubject to qty
482V66CT3220 ANALOG INPUT GFFC51322023RENSubject to qty
483V66CT3220 IN.4-20M+10V+PT10051322024RENSubject to qty
484V66CT3234 ANALOG OUTPUT -10/+10V51323401RENSubject to qty
485V66CT3252 ARCNET INTERFACE51325203RENSubject to qty
486V66CT3354 INTERNAL POWER SUPPLY51335401RENSubject to qty
487V66CT3363 EXTERNAL POWER SUPPLY51336301RENSubject to qty
488V66CT3513 ARCNET/CU51351301RENSubject to qty
489V66CT3601 PROCESSOR51360102RENSubject to qty
490V66CT3613 ARCNET/TWISTED PAIR51361303RENSubject to qty
491V66STATOR FOR ROT ARCNET MOUNT724129RENSubject to qty
492V66PEEL PLY 1,52MTRS"8100-0005Subject to qty
493V66LINK BEARING GE 80 TXG3A-2LSS085438Subject to qty
494V66SLIDE PLATE YAW SYSTEM 1.5MWS085481Subject to qty
495V66PLATE SLIDE RADIAL 1.5MWS085485Subject to qty
496V66PLATE SLIDE RADIAL 1.65MW +0.6S085490Subject to qty
498V66SLIDE PLATE, YAW SYSTEM 1,5MW"S085500Subject to qty
499V66VENT GRIT 300x300 W FILT R7035S090036Subject to qty
500V66CONTROLL UNIT ABDL4000S090038Subject to qty
501V66CONNECTOR M12X1S090076Subject to qty
502V66AMPHENOL METAL 7-POL CONNECTORS090088Subject to qty
503V66PRINT V/F-F/VS090913RENSubject to qty
504V66TELECOM III W. LIGHTS091216Subject to qty
505V66MODULE VICKERS DGMDC-3-Y-AK-41S091305Subject to qty
506V66CABLE SENSOR M12 STR 4P L=10 SCRS091754Subject to qty
507V66PD PUSH BUTTON ZB4BA4 REDS091788Subject to qty
508V66HPFI BREAKER F271-B13/30S091992Subject to qty
509V66RELAY PHFI F271-B16/0.03 16A2PS091993Subject to qty
510V66EXHAUST FILTER FLTG 125X125S092047Subject to qty
511V66VENTI OUTLET FILTER 3326.207S092048Subject to qty
512V66FILTER PFANNENBERG PTFA 60.000S092055Subject to qty
513V66OFFL FLTR UNIT 690V50Hz-45L/hS092065Subject to qty
514V66OFFL FLTR UNIT 690V50Hz-45L/hS092065RENSubject to qty
515V66FILTER B844143-B320-S24S092083Subject to qty
516V66DIODE MODULE 260A 1600VS092091Subject to qty
517V66THYRISTOR MODULE 1600V 400AS092124Subject to qty
518V66LOOP BAR, LOW CONNECTION"S092185Subject to qty
519V662MW EXTERNAL VENTILATOR ABBS092299Subject to qty
520V66CAPACITOR 25kVAr 3x690V 60Hz GAS EPCOSS092344Subject to qty
521V66CAPACITOR 1.5UF +-5% 1000VS092387Subject to qty
522V66CAPACITOR 3900UF +-20% 500VS092388Subject to qty
523V66CAPACITOR SNUBBER 0,47UF/1000V"S092397Subject to qty
524V66RELAY TH TA25DU 2.20-3.10 AS093185Subject to qty
525V66RELAY TH TA25DU 6.00-8.50 AS093187Subject to qty
526V66CLAMP CAP FOR WK4S093225Subject to qty
527V66CONT BC16-40-00 24V DCS093333Subject to qty
528V66ROTATION ANTI DEV. READY F/RCCS093355Subject to qty
529V66RELAY SOLID STATE 60V/8ADCS093369Subject to qty
530V66KIT FOR DOOR IN HUB CONTROLLERS093447Subject to qty
531V66AUX CONTACT CAL18-11B 1NO+1NCS093451Subject to qty
532V66AUX CONTACT CAL 5-11B 1NO+1NCS093470Subject to qty
533V66AUX CONTACT CAL 5-11 1NO+1NCS093471Subject to qty
534V66AUX CONTACT CAL 16-11C 1NO+1NCS093494Subject to qty
535V66AUX CONTACT LADN10 1NOS093496Subject to qty
536V66MO. WIRE H07V-K 1X2.5mm WHITES093527Subject to qty
537V66CONT. AF260 - 30 - 10 - 70S093689Subject to qty
538V66FUSE 0.5A 250V 5x20 TD GLASSS094220Subject to qty
539V66FUSE 2A 250V 5x20 F GLASSS094237Subject to qty
540V66FUSE 15A 250V 5x20 TIME DELAYS094238Subject to qty
541V66TERMINAL KRT 50mm2 M12S094329Subject to qty
542V66TERMINAL KRT 50mm2 M10S094404Subject to qty
543V66TERMINAL KRT 50mm2 M10 90DEGS094420Subject to qty
544V66TERMINAL KRT 70mm2 M12S094425Subject to qty
545V66COPPERTAPE RPPT 9110 30MMS094579Subject to qty
546V66ENDTERMINATION TI 36-5-0S094699Subject to qty
547V66DOOR 2X2 WITH HOLS VCS-MWS095619Subject to qty
548V66DRAWING HOLDERS095699Subject to qty
549V66CSM POWDER BOND 300G/125CMS096293Subject to qty
550V66TRIAX TAPE 127MM. 440G/M2S096452Subject to qty
551V66BIAX FABRIC 600G WINDING 340MMS096472Subject to qty
552V66TRIAX ROVING-WEB 900G/M2S096482Subject to qty
553V66REP. SET TOWER PAINT RAL 7035S096597Subject to qty
554V66HUB COVER 3MW W/2xUMBRACHOS096976Subject to qty
555V66ARC DETECTOR KITSETS098753Subject to qty

VESTAS V66 Spare Parts

Other Special Offers


Pos.ModelDescriptionVestas Part NumberPublished PriceDiscount Price
1V16YAW GEAR V16/V17, BJ115410REN€ 2,545.90€1,210.00
2V17YAW GEAR V16/V17, BJ115410REN€ 2,545.90€ 1,210.00
3V25YAW GEAR V25115410REN€ 3,186.11€ 1,795.00
4V27PROP. VALVE KFDG4-3-2C13N-Z-V194314€ 1,076.30€ 846.00
5V27CT3218 COUNTER51321802€ 543.56€ 441.00
6V27CT3218 COUNTER51321802€ 543.56€ 441.00
7V27PROP. VALVE KFDG4-3-2C13N-Z-V194314REN€ 861.04€ 758.00
8VariousRETRO THYRIS CONTR. 300KW-690V747350€ 3,792.96€ 2,400.00
9VariousCT3218 COUNTER51321802€ 543.56€ 441.00
10VariousCT2130 SERIAL INTERFACE51213002REN€ 499.56€ 474.58

VESTAS V66 Spare Parts

Vestas V66 Spare Parts

Discounted Vestas Spare Parts

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Vestas V66 Spare Parts

Vestas Spare Parts Discounted

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VESTAS V66 Spare Parts


VESTAS V66 Spare Parts


* Delivery: EXW UK – Shipping not included
* All Shop Vestas Spare Parts ending with a part number 'REN' are renovated/reconditioned parts
* Special discount offers are only valid on selected parts, at specific periods and subject to availability
* All prices are shown in Euro € currency and for one single unit only excl. VAT

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  • Time wasters and tire kickers will strictly not be accommodated!

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Delivery: EXW UK – Shipping not included

* All Shop Vestas Spare Parts ending with a part number 'REN' are renovated/reconditioned parts

* Special discount offers are only valid on selected parts, at specific periods and subject to availability

* All prices are shown in Euro € currency and for one single unit only excl. VAT


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