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Peter Ruppert is Co-Founder and Director and takes responsibility for the digital performance of the MWPS brands. Peter is a pioneering Digital Marketing Professional with a longtime passion for alternative energy. 

Peter arrived in the UK from Germany, after spending the 80's working in the recording industry in Germany, in 1993 he started a career as a music programmer at MTV Europe, where he spent much of the '90s. This is also where he first met Ralph. Despite the fact Ralph and Peter share the same surname, they are not related and first met in London.

In 2000, Peter set up a Digital Marketing Agency in London where he helped brands such as Panasonic, French Connection, Universal Music Group and many others optimize their internet performances.

His digital marketing expertise has allowed MWPS World to establish a well-renowned and extensive global clientele, meaning our products’ and services’ worldwide prominence is unparalleled.




Ralph Ruppert is Co-Founder, majority shareholder and Managing Director of MWPS World,  MWPS Global & HitWind, true subsidiaries of MWPS World Limited.

Ralph manages the worldwide sourcing and sales of second-hand and used wind turbines as well as project managing numerous asset recovery projects on behalf of our worldwide client base.

Past achievements include an impressive 30 year-long career in the music industry as Millennium Records Label owner and as a successful and renowned record producer & recording engineer, achieving worldwide chart success with his creative and uniquely styled production and sound engineering techniques. Ralph decided in 2002 to quit the music industry with the aim to diversify and to focus on a new career path in business analysis & management. Being eventually head-hunted in 2004, Ralph joined Intel Corporation in 2004, in his role as a Returns Supply Chain Account Manager for the EMEA Region. Ralph has successfully managed the Return Supply Chain Accounts of major corporate IT Manufacturers Toshiba, Fujitsu Siemens, NEC and Lenovo amongst a number of other renowned PC & Laptop manufacturer brands.

Despite internal successes within Intel, in 2010 Ralph joined with his now business partner Peter Ruppert to set up and form MyWindPowerSystem, now re-branded MWPS World Limited, with the aim to infiltrate the renewable energy market with the niche business model of an exclusive and worldwide Trading Platform for Used & Second-Hand Wind Turbines. His energetic & creative management style, combined with his strive and aim to always exceed customer's expectations, Ralph has since achieved a leading presence in the renewable energy market.