Problems uploading files?

The most common reasons for this are the user's browser or device settings. Please follow the below simple tips and steps to resolve and then try again. Try to refresh the page you are using to upload. On a desktop or laptop device: Press and hold the 'control' key and then press the 'F5' key while holding the control key  (Ctrl + F5) On a tablet or smartphone device: Click the circled refresh arrow in your browser window, usually located at the top right-hand or top left-hand side. If refreshing your current page did not resolve the problem and your upload still does not complete, then try to clean the browsing history and the cache & cookies of the browser you are using. If both the steps 1. and 2. above did not resolve the issue, then try using a different browser and follow both step 1. and step 2. as described above again in the new browser if the same problem occurs. All common and popular browser applications (listed below) and for all device types are known to be fully compatible and should work for you as intended.
  1. Google Chrome
  2. Mozilla FireFox
  3. Microsoft Edge
  4. Microsoft Explorer
  5. Opera
  6. Safari
  7. Dolphin
  If you continue having problems uploading, then please CLICK HERE .to send an email and attach your images or documents using your own EMAIL. application instead. Return to 'Contact Form' - Click here! Return to File Uploader - Click here! Has this answered your question? If not, then please click here to send us a suggestion to improve this FAQ. View all FAQs..
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