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Revolutionary Blade-less Vortex Mini Turbine is Unveiled

A wind turbine without blades? Is that possible?? Yes! The revolutionary Blade-less Vortex Mini Turbine is unveiled and demonstrates how their turbines generate electricity from wind through movement of the mast- and not a blade in sight! Blade-less Vortex Mini It may be that you have got very blasé about wind turbines. After all they’ve […]

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The Wind “‘Owls” No More: A Quieter more Efficient Wind Turbine- Based on Owl Feathers!

The owl. A silent deadly nocturnal killer swooping down on its prey. A wind turbine. What on earth could link them? Let us tell you; a material which mimics the sound-deadening wing structure of owls has been designed to reduce noise in wind turbines. It can also be used on more modest applications such as computer […]

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GEV Solution to Maintenance Personnel Protection

One of the most expensive, and sometimes dangerous aspects of the creation of wind farms, is not just the initial erection and commissioning, but the maintenance that is regularly required to make sure the turbines operate at optimum efficiency. A few companies have tried to perfect some kind of artificial environment to protect the personnel […]

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Wind Turbine Lubrication

If you operate any machinery with moving metal engine parts, you will know that oil is a vital component to stop any engine from seizing up. A wind turbine has many moving parts and requires lubrication too. Because wind turbines can be located in out of the way places, like on the tops of hills and off-shore, […]

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Measure Wind

Measure Wind with an Anemometer The most precise way to measure the exact wind speeds at your location is to use an Anemometer. An Anemometer is a wind speed measuring device. For anyone interested in using wind power to generate electricity for either their home, business facility or to export to the local grid network, an anemometer […]

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What is Wind Power?

Wind is caused by huge convection currents in the Earth’s atmosphere, driven by heat energy from the Sun. This means as long as the sun shines, there will be wind. How do winds form? (Check out the lesson on winds here) This can be explained in simple terms by the daily wind cycle. The earth’s […]

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