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Wind Turbine Lubrication

If you operate any machinery with moving metal engine parts, you will know that oil is a vital component to stop any engine from seizing up. A wind turbine has many moving parts and requires lubrication too. Because wind turbines can be located in out of the way places, like on the tops of hills and off-shore, […]

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Wind Turbine Innovations

The saying "when the going gets tough, the tough get going!"  is one the can be applied with gusto to the wind turbine industry. The current recession has seen re-doubled efforts to improve designs and squeeze out more for less across turbine manufacturers. These include complete wind turbine redesigns as well as the smaller evolutionary […]

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Innovative Wind Turbine Designs Part II

Continuing our look at non-conventional wind turbines, here is another interesting design. The idea behind this wind turbine was to home in on simplicity: Produce an off-shore turbine that has the bare necessities to operate, and removing all components that do contribute directly to power generation. This obviously has a welcoming effect on cost to produce. […]

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Revolutionary Blade-less Vortex Mini Turbine is Unveiled

A wind turbine without blades? Is that possible?? Yes! The revolutionary Blade-less Vortex Mini Turbine is unveiled and demonstrates how their turbines generate electricity from wind through movement of the mast- and not a blade in sight! Blade-less Vortex Mini It may be that you have got very blasé about wind turbines. After all, they've […]

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